As you know, we have been on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for fourteen years now. We have the opportunity to own our OWN BUILDING! 

Every month we are at Pine Ridge in South Dakota. It is a 14 hour trip one way. We rent cars, pay for gas, pay for hotels and raise money to pay for food and supplies that we distribute. The expenses is enormous. It is a huge task but the Lord has given us grace and favor. 

Last year we raised $22,000 for our mission to Pine Ridge as everyone raised their own money for each trip. A huge portion of that goes to hotels and vehicles. It costs us an average of 70.00 per night per hotel stay. I have personally spent 42 nights on Pine Ridge this past year. Eagle Rock has spent 72 nights there with over 35 different team members. The cost on rooms alone is over $5000.00.

With that said, how much more can we do it we have our own building and we can stay in it! That $5000 could have been spent on food, or diapers or necessary items. 

God has made a way for us to purchase a piece of property near Pine Ridge. We have been in negotiations for a few months now and have come to a verbal approved letter of intent and with the current money we have we would only owe $40,000.00. It is the opportunity or us to have a church, a distribution center, a place for the team to stay, a training center, a Joseph's Storehouse, a feeding center, a warming center and the list goes on and on. A building allows us to do all of those things. We can do so much more for so little!

We have two vehicles in place ready to take to Pine Ridge to aid in transportation for elders to go to Dr visits, groceries and church service. We have a group of Native Americans that are willing to rotate in and stay on the property with our own team every few weeks. We have many of the needed supplies like chairs, tables, carpet, tile, ceiling fans and a few bunk bed already. We are able to be fully functional in less than 30 days!

This is where you can help. The prophecies about the Native Americans are clear, they will usher in the last great revival. The word over South Dakota from Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets is that if we don't get the strongman over South Dakota we do not get revival in the land. God has positioned us for just this time!!!

Thank you so much for all you help one these past 14 years but can I be so bold as to ask for your help one more time? Many of you know the struggles that both Eagle Rock and I have faced, yet in the face of those struggles the Lord has used many of you to keep both me and the ER alive and still propel us to be His hands and feet on Pine Ridge. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you and I pray for you and ask the Lord to bless back to you as you have sown into me and the ER. You brought changed to my life over these past 10 years and now the team and I are bringing change through the Lord's help to Pine Ridge and beyond. 

We need YOUR help! 

We are in need of $40,000 to finish the purchase on this property and start debt free in 30 days. I know its a huge task but our faith is high, the need is great and He is the Way Maker. Would you consider sowing a seed? Every seed is important because we are a team. When we all so something, no-one does everything!

Please seek the Lord and ask what He might have you to do. In 30 days we can have a great shout and have land that will be ours for generations to come should the Lord tarry. Lives are being transformed but how much more can we do with our own facility. 

It's time for us to take the land! Please help. 

Here’s how you can help. Jessica came up with this breakdown but every gift is important and prayed over. This is a guideline for giving. 351 people with these numbers will accomplish this task. Let's join our faith and watch what the Lord is going to do. Praying for you always and love you very much. -Apostle Lisa

One person - $5,000

Five people - $1,000

Fifteen people - $500

Thirty people - $250

One hundred people - $50

Two hundred people - $25