Joel anchors the sound with drums and percussion and thunders the earth with his hands and feet.

Apostle Lisa writes and produces the majority of theER sound adding piano, acoustic guitar and vocals.

The Prophetic Releases

Josh is truly an amazing musician and plays drums, bass and electric and acoustic guitar. He helps produce and sings background. He truly carries the Key of David.

  • Pursue Me5:34

Eagle Rock Worship is a unique sound from heaven. We sing and play as the spirit of God leads us. Most of our CD's are captured live and contain the live sound and the anointing as it was released. The words from heaven on the prophetic releases are an eternal kiss from Holy Spirit that ministers to the listener time and again. The studio releases were done either in our studio or in the Tabernacle. These are songs that Apostle Lisa wrote. Each CD is powerful and packed with the word of God. It is our desire that this music will take you into places you have never been, heal you, fill you and transform you. May you never be the same after listening to these CD's. May this sound ignite your heart and soul and fill you with Holy Fire.

These CD's are recorded in Eagle Rock's studio and carry a totally different sound than the prophetic CD's. You can also listen to these on Sound Cloud and Spotify for free.

Anya plays electric and acoustic guitar and is an incredible piano player with a creative prophetic flow.

Jessica takes us into the heavenlies with her unmatched vocals and piano. The anointing drips when she sings.

All of these CD's were recorded live as Holy Spirit released them through Apostle Lisa. Most are over 40 minutes long and many are longer. Get caught away in His presence, get transformed and be healed!

Carrying His heart to the Nations

Eagle Rock Christian Center

Studio Releases

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