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Part 1: Leaders Call to the Summit
Part 2 Victorious Valley/Bridging the Gap
Leaders Call to the Summit is a gathering of the leaders, those on the front lines and those who feel a burden to stand in the gap. This is not limited to leaders, all are welcome, but the focus will be preparing the way. We are blessed to have Apostle Lisa Nelson from Eagle Rock Christian Center in Illinois and her highly anointed and passionate team join us for a weekend of breakthrough and healing for this land. Lisa is a prophetic psalmist with a heart for reconciling with the First Nation, bringing healing to the land and honoring the Native American Community. She has a mandate to stand in the gap and repent for ancestral wrongs which prevent breakthrough and revival. She is refreshing, out of the box and brings unity through music. She is also an amazing teacher with the ability to equip the saints for the new and next ahead. For such a time is this! The mountain and valley is about to shift! Open up the gates, bridge the gap! Revival begins when the saints join together in one voice, one song crying out to our Father! "He will hear their cries and heal their land."

May 3rd & 4th, Eagle Rock will be traveling to Pennsylvania to minister with Mighty Oak Ministries. Below is the information from their Facebook event! 

From the Mountain to the Valley