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Christine Jacobs and Kathy McCord: RedFire Strategies
Why We Are Gathered
Why We Are at This Strategic Location in Illinois

What We Need to Perceive

Great Lakes Congress August 17 - 18, 2018 

“Aligning with God’s Original Design”

​Friday 6:00 pm, and Saturday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

With Additional Leaders
Decree and Legislate in the Spirit Realm Move Forward in Great Lakes Councils

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A Brief Overview, Leading Up To the 2018 Great Lakes Congress

The 5 Great Lakes is the largest collection of fresh water in the world. Water sustains all forms of life, provides transportation paths for indigenous people, and represents the hand of God, five governing gifts given to equip His people. The Great Lakes region carries a governmental sound that must be completely restored and heard! In the past years we began to bring the Northwest Territory** land back to its original blueprint, documented in the 1787 Ordinance. This is where Father laid out and granted the 2nd born blessing for this nation. Iniquitous thrones were addressed that could hinder the governmental mantle in the land of the Great Lakes region. Nationally, HAPN dealt with the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, which decimated the Indigenous peoples of the land and justified their annihilation in the name of God.Representatives from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and upper NE Minnesota conducted several court cases on foundational, root issues done by those in earthly government at that time. This legislation was completed before the November 2016 presidential election since it was deemed critical to do so. Additionally, several legislative sessions have taken place in the past two years, which increased our sense that a Great Lakes Congress in 2018 is vital and timely. This was confirmed when Jon Hamill prophesied in St. Paul: Click Here to View Prophetic Word “The Lord is releasing the sound of His justice, the sound of many waters over theGreat Lakes region.”

Our Mandate: Release the Great Lakes Governmental Prophet Sound!

On March 9 – 10, 2018, Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce came to Madison, Wisconsin, the first place after the Feb. 22, 2018 National Turnaround. They declared:
Dutch: “there is something over this region that aggressively wars against theprophetic. You are going to start to awaken and when you awaken He’s going toawaken this region. Pastors will start hearing. Leaders will start hearing; Government people are going to start hearing. The Word of the Lord is going to penetrate thisreligious thing over this region and move you into a prophetic anointing that’s goingto result in an amazing harvest.We break off this region this anti and unprophetic nature in churches, leaders, bodyof Christ, that says we can’t hear from God. We release revelation, wisdom...Thehearing ear is coming to the church of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and the other ones...we decree the prophetic anointing of the Lord Himself Who is the Spirit of Prophesy, the testimony of Jesus the Prophet, is breaking through into this region. We open the atmosphere of this region to the prophetic atmosphere and the apostolic. We push this region through the eye of the needle.You are going to rule for Him, you will be the Ecclesia for Him. New councils will be formed throughout the Great Lakes region. You’re going to bind, pluck up, throw down,’re going to see harvest because it’s your nature. Breakthrough over this region. Religious spirits banished. We dislodge you now. New order! We call forth this prophetic order!”