Eagle Rock Christian Center

We Need Your Help. Please consider donating a dinner for a Native American family on the poorest Reservations in Wisconsin and South Dakota. According to USA Today, a typical Thanksgiving Dinner will cost about $50.00 for a family of ten. We are going to be able to provide them for about $30.00. That makes our goal $3,000 for each reservation. Its a big goal but the Lord is faithful to feed His people. Will you donate today either with a financial donation or buying the food for the dinner? Thank you for helping us to help them.

You will make many families very excited about the holidays.

These are a few of the special events we have in the next few months. Mark your calendar now and get ready for transformation!‚Äč

Menominee & Pine Ridge  Reservation

                                          Turkey dinner give away

Upcoming Events

Carrying His heart to the Nations

Wisconsin - Nov. 10th & 11th

South Dakota - Nov 13th-15th

"Journey with me to the edge of reality where your spirit can be free".

We will be reading into the spirit realm and crying out for the fullness of Holy Spirit in our lives.

It's time to get out of your minds and into our spirits.

It's time for the veil of this world to be torn down. It's time to stretch our faith and open our eyes.

It's time to see and believe again.

Edge of Reality

Fire 9

November 3rd  & 4th